Madrona Fiber Arts Festival

Just when you thought winter would go on FOREVER and all of your unfinished projects have got you down The Madrona Fiber Festival comes to the rescue.

mfa-header2016The Madrona Fiber Festival is  a relative newcomer with now 15 years under their belts.  Wow!  Time flies, doesn’t it?  It seems like such a short time ago they were just getting this annual event off the ground.  So, I suppose it’s time for us to stop referring to them as a relative newcomer.  Ah!  Maybe next year.  We’ve been watching as it gains momentum in the fiber arts world. Developing it’s layout, image, presentation and supplementing it’s list of vendors, presenters, teachers and class offerings.

Madrona is the first major fiber event of the season being held ‘indoors’ at the beautiful Hotel Mureno in downtown Tacoma.  Indoors is very important as this event is very early in the year and the weather outside is mostly undesirable. The controlled environment makes for a comfortable shopping experience.  It also inspires people to plop down and visit while they practice their craft.

It’s a great place to see what the world of fiber arts has to offer.  It’s a lot to take in. Like a boy scout, be prepared. You’ll see buttons, gadgets, fibers, threads, accessories of every kind and description.  It’s really very overwhelming.  Bring a friend to prop you up when you get faint from the variety and selection.

If you are new to the fiber arts and attending this event to get a glimpse of what’s going on be prepared to be completely wowed and overwhelmed by the huge variety of interests, skills, and genres.

You will have an opportunity to see:

Spinning: Drop spindles, spinning wheels, great wheels.

Accessories: Bobbins, maidens, books, knitty knotties, hand carders, electric carders, large, medium and small carders, orifice hooks, jewelry, shuttles, and coffee holders.

Weaving: Looms, heddles, spools of material, every accessory you can think of and some you never thought of will be here.

Knitting: Needles, stitch counters, yarn guages, etc.

CrochetingYes, you too!  Again Hooks, books, etc.

Lace: Bobbins, material, books, patterns, instruction, demonstration, classes.  Oh ya!

Oh, the list goes on and on.  If it has to do with fiber or fiber arts you’ll find it here.

Come and join us for this fabulous event.

And don’t be late for the Friday evening presentation… Key Note Speaker.  It’s free and it’s fun.  It’s pretty generally a packed house and is a great opportunity to show your handmade items.  There will be plenty of opportunity to see the handmade items that the participants and audience are wearing as well.  The event is followed by a show and tell presentation by the presenters who are involved in the event.  You’ll see the actual items that are pictured in your favorite book and meet the author and creator.  It’s amazing and it’s a one-of-kind event designed by this event.

We’ll see you there.


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